16 November, 2017

{Limerence} Reina hair special for Remnant

New releases at {Limerence} special for Remnant
Taxi to Remnant

An event created and sponsored by enthusiasts of the sci-fi, macabre, steampunk and post apocalyptic genre. Join us for an immersive and unique shopping event catering to those who enjoy darker themes. :Remnant: promises to be an exciting new event and will provide a rich atmosphere for creators and shoppers alike to enjoy.

Date: November 17th-December 8th.

Reina is a new unrigged mesh hairs.

Always before purchasing please grab a demo.

Package Details:

Each Color Package Includes:

- Hair;
- Headpin;
- Color Hud

*Unrigged mesh you are able to resize and adjust placement using editing tools.

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